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Easyhealth was made so that people know where to find ‘accessible’ health information . ‘Accessible’ information is information that uses easy words with pictures.

There are over 500 leaflets on Easyhealth, made by many different organisations. You can print off nearly all the leaflets straight away.

Easyhealth is run by an organisation called Generate Opportunities Ltd.

You can find out more about Generate at www.generate-uk.org


Easyhealthis a not for profit website that relies entirely on funding and the goodwill of the content creators.  If you would like to contribute to the ongoing maintenance, development and promotion of Easyhealth you can make a donation by clicking the donate button on our home page or following this link.


If you are a user of this amazing resource may we suggest a small donation for the following:

Downloading a single piece of information £5

Downloading of multiple documents £10

Uploading new information £15 – this would contribute to the cost of assessing, formatting and audio describing the document.


Some reasons to donate!

‘Providing information in an accessible format is one of the easiest ‘reasonable adjustments’ a service can make. This can have the biggest impact on access to that service for people with learning disabilities, and their family and carers. Just log on and download the relevant flyer. It’s that simple!’  

Stephen Brauch


‘Mencap is pleased to be supporting the Easyhealth website. We think it is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to access clear, practical and easy to understand health information.

It’s extremely well thought-out design and use of varied information formats makes it accessible to a wide range of people, including hard to reach groups such as people with a learning disability.

We know that people with a learning disability in particular often experience poorer health and poorer healthcare than the general population, which makes Easyhealth’s role even more invaluable in helping enable people to make their own choices and decisions and have more control over their healthcare.

Resources such as this are vital if we are to achieve a more inclusive society.

We think Easyhealth is a shining example of what public information should be like, and will hopefully inspire the creation of more resources like it.’



Important to read before using this website:

If you have any worries about your health, please go and see your doctor straight away. 

You can also contact the NHS by calling 111 using your phone.

If you think it's an emergency then call 999

Each leaflet or film on Easyhealth is owned by the people who made it. We cannot promise that their information is up-to-date, accurate or reliable. They are responsible for doing this. Therefore, Easyhealth cannot be held responsible for anything bad that happens as a result of using this website.



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