This websites aims to meet all the standards that come under the Web Access Initiative (WAI) Level A or Priority 1 guidelines. It also meets most AA or Priority 2 guidelines. These are are guidelines for making things accessible to people with a disability. We have provided controls at the top of the website page to change the size of the words, and change to a high contrast version of the site.

Getting around ('navigating' the website)

The website has ways of helping you get around the site, for example back buttons. We have designed the website so people with 'screen readers' can use it. A browser is a programme that you use to get on to the internet. There are lots of different browsers. We have worked hard to make sure that this site can be used by as many browsers as possible. We have tested the website using:

• Mozilla Firefox

• Microsoft Internet Explorer

• Safari

We have tried to make the website as easy to use as possible. Some links may open a new window.

Access keys

We do not use 'access keys'. Access keys are where you can jump to parts of a web page using the keyboard.The reasons why we do not use access keys are because:

1. Assistive technologies help disabled people access computers. If a website has access keys it can get in the way for people using assistive technologies.

2. Most people using websites do not know about access keys and there are no standards across different sites.

We want to hear from you

If you have any questions or want to tell us what you think about our website please click here to go to our contact us page. We always want to hear from you. We will give whatever help or advice we can.

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