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This website is run by Generate. Generate is a charity (charity number 1069548) with its registered office at 73 Summerstown, London, SW17 0BQ. We can be contacted on 020 8879 6333 or you can click here to go to our contact us page.

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Rules about using our website are set out below. You should read these carefully before you use the site. We hope you will come back to this website and that you will tell lots of other people about it. You should check these rules every now and again as we may make some changes to them. If you go on using our website you are agreeing to our rules.


This website is copyrighted to Mencap and Generate 2010. This includes the design of the pages, writing, images and how they are set out. This means that they belong to us.The leaflets are copyrighted to the group that created them. They belong to that group. You may download parts of this website to your own computer and print them out for your personal use. You may also copy parts for other people so long as you do not make money out of it.

Nothing from this site may be copied, included or stored in any other design, logo, website, electronic information system, publication or other work in any form (on paper, on computer or other). This means you can not take anything from our website and change it or keep it as part of another website or in any other way.You need to get written permission from us before you can link to or from this site. This is if you have a website and you would like people to be able to find easyhealth from your website. To contact us about a link, click here to go to our contact us page.


We give the information on this website in good faith. The information on this website is owned by the people who made it. We cannot promise that the information is up-to-date, accurate and reliable. We take no responsibility for any information on this website or anything bad that happens as a result of using the website. In legal words, it does not lead to any 'duty of care', contract, warranty or any other obligation unless it specifically says. This means we cannot be bound by any contract or held legally responsible as a result of information you get from the website.

We do not promise that you will not find any problems when using this site. We do not promise that this site or the 'server' that keeps it on-line are free from 'viruses' or 'bugs' which can harm your computer. Information on the website includes names, pictures, logos and symbols. By including anything on our website we are not promising how good, correct or of what quality it is. EasyHealth sometimes links to other websites. We have no control or responsibility for the content or how good the websites may be.

Privacy policy

Please read what is in our privacy policy. This is on a separate web page. It explains our rules on keeping and using information we get through the website. Click here to see the privacy policy. Copyright Generate. All Rights Reserved.

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