Common Health Conditions Section

These are common health conditions for people with a learning disability. Each page contains an introduction to the topic and links to further resources about the condition and how it is treated. We're working hard in making pdf downloads for each condition.

You do not need to be a member to look at these pages or download further information.

Easy Read Health Resources Section

We think this will make resources easier to find. All of the videos and leaflets are tagged with relevant health conditions and these appear on the left hand side of the page. Click on the name of the condition to see all the resources we have about it.

If you have found a resource particularly useful you can now leave a comment to recommend it to others. You might also wish to comment with suggestions about how to use the resource or how to improve it.

There are 375 resources about 120 health conditions or topics.

You will need to sign up as a member of Easy Health to see the resources and to leave a comment.

Becoming a member will not cost you any money. We made the decision to ask people to become members so that we can find out more about who is using the website. e.g. is it mostly people with a learning disability or people who work in healthcare? Knowing this will mean we can make the website better and more suited to the needs of people who use it. 

We read and watched all the resources and decided that some were too old or out of date.

If you can't find a resource that used to be on the website and you still use, please let us know and we will put it back up. If you have a favourite easy read resource that isn't on the website, please also let us know so we can add it to the library and more people can find and use it.

Is The Writing Too Small For You?

The website is designed to adjust depending on your screen size or zoom level. If the writing it too small for you then you can zoom in using your browser. Hold down Ctrl and press +, or click on the options in the top right hand side.

Sending You Emails

When you sign up as a member you can chose whether or not we can send you emails. You can also subscribe to our email newsletter without becoming a member. We will not email you very often, but we would like to tell you about changes to the website. E.g. if new resources or features are added.

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