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NEWSLETTER        [July 2024]

Learning Disability Week & Our Outreach Activities

The theme of this year’s Learning Disability week was:  'Do you see me? ' and this year easy health made sure we were seen!

As Part of Learning Disability week, easy health had the pleasure of attending the “Supporting Learning Disability Week” Event at St Georges Hospital, on 17th June 2024.
This event was a great opportunity to network with those who have a vested interest in learning more about communicating with and supporting people with learning disabilities and autism, within the health and care sector.

It was great to see that most in attendance were already members of easy health, whilst others took our leaflets for themselves and to display on staff notice boards.
Notable connections made on the day who have also agreed to share and contribute their easy read/accessible information and resources [in brackets , below] :

- Cancer Research UK                                                                                                                             [“Spotting Cancer Early Saves Lives”]
- St Georges, St Hellier & Epsom NHS Trust                                                                                       [“My Hospital Visit”] & [“Going to the Emergency Dept. (A&E)"]
- Merton integrated Learning Disability Team                                                                                   [Behaviour Support Services], [Speech & Language Therapy].

These and many more useful resources will be published on easy health, soon!

In addition, easy health was also, recently, invited by the BHRUT NHS Trust to give a presentation, at Queens Hospital on 18th June 2024 on the importance of easy read, within the health and care sector.

We were also given a platform to promote the easy health website and all the services we provide.

 The presentation was a great success and very well received, with all attendees taking and sharing our information leaflets.

As a result of that presentation Havering Care Association has enquired about the possibility of easy health presenting at one of their events in the near future…..                                               
Watch this space! for an update on this and all our other outreach activities.

Cervical Screening Pathway Assessment Survey:

Our cervical screening pathways accessibility for people with learning disabilities on behalf of the Wandsworth GP federation (BHCIC) has now been rolled out and GP Practices in the Battersea [South West London] area have identified eligible patients and surveys are now being returned.

Our Cervical Screening Survey will provide us with important information on the experiences of patients with a lived experience and further help us fight health inequalities.

The survey is 100% easy read!

However, a considerable number of the patients require additional support and easy health is actively liaising with them, their support/care worker to provide the assistance needed to complete the survey.

The process of arranging support for patients to complete the surveys has begun and all Battersea GP Surgery’s Learning Disability Leads have been encouraged to prompt identified patients who are able to complete the survey without support, to do so ASAP.

The invaluable information we receive on the completed surveys will enable us to analyze the experiences of patients with a lived experience and further help us fight health inequalities.

Please feel free to access and share all our great easy read/accessible information and resources on numerous conditions, treatments, medical procedures and advice..

If whilst on your journey towards accessibility you realize you need more support,                please feel free to contact us. 

We collaborate with colleagues with a lived experience of learning disability &/ or neurodiversity to offer the following services: 

- Translation: standard health documents into easy read documents 
- Training for health and social care professionals on how to improve communication and support for people with disabilities &/ or autism.

Click on the link below, for more information on accessing our services:

Also free documents on a variety of health conditions are easily accessible on our website:

Finally, please feel free to contact us for a chat, a quote, a booking or if you have any easy read/accessible health related resources that you wish to share. 

Kind regards 
The Easy Health Team 
email: [email protected]

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